TWA Boarding Pass
Not quite today, but very soon, you’ll be able to book cheap flights on Twitter with one click and three keystrokes. Is that something you’d ever be willing to do?

TweetAFlight is leading the pack in bringing e-commerce directly to Twitter and cutting out travel website middle men and their pop-ups, aggressive selling, and extra fees. It’s supposedly going to be super easy. All you have to do is follow @TweetReplyFly, and when you see a flight you’d like to buy, you reply to that tweet with the word BUY. 

Your reply will be processed by Chirpify, which is a new Twitter e-commerce platform that hooks up to your Paypal.

We hear @Chirpify is going to be pretty big on Twitter, and that soon you’ll be able to buy concert tickets or make charitable donations without leaving your tweetstream. Purchases made through Chirpify don’t cost you anything extra, although the seller will pay a small fee– just like on Paypal.

Will it work? Is it oversimplified? Are we willing to buy a flight with just 140 characters of information about it? We don’t know. But we’ll be watching. A little bird says it’s going to be big.~Delilah
Follow TweetAFlight and Chirpify for upcoming deals on flights!

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