Girlhood Journeys
My girls are too young to remember the Girlhood Journeys series of historical fiction that was published years ago. But, given how much they’ve gobbled up the American Girl books, I knew this newly reissued series might be right up their alley. 

Plus, I was relieved that they could fall in love with these books without also being lured into “needing” hundreds of dollars of merchandise to go along with the stories. 

Girlhood Journeys is a series of five ebooks that each follow a young girl from different parts of the world through a major point in her life at different periods in history. They were originally published as paper books years ago, but now they’re back as ebooks, meaning you can purchase through Amazon and the books will be sent to your Android, iPad, PC, Mac, Backberry Windows Phone 7…pretty much any device that hosts the Kindle Reading App.

My girls really enjoy historical stories about strong, smart girls their own age
because it takes the sometimes dull-for-kids subject of history and
helps them imagine themselves in the middle of it. As a parent, I really appreciate the attention to detail, from descriptions of the West African culture in the Yoruba people in the 1400’s, to the feel of the city streets in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 1880’s, none of which feels anything like a textbook. No wondering we’re all gobbling up the series.

Girlhood Journeys

And by the way, they won’t have your daughters begging for you to buy a $100 doll to go along with the story. Bonus.

We’re glad to learn that follow-up books are coming this summer and fall, since the stories of Juliet, Kai, Marie, Shannon and Isabella are currently only one-book deep. I know my daughters would love to find out where their next journeys take them.Christina

Download the Girlhood Journeys series of historical ebooks for the Kindle on Amazon for just $3.99 each. Your kids can also learn more about the characters on the KidSocial social network for tweens.

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