o-clock wristwatchesAh, remember the days when you could just look at your wrist to know what time it is, and not have to fish your phone out of some buried pocket in your handbag? If you’re ready to re-embrace the wristwatch as fashion accessory-slash-convenient time-telling device, here’s a great option. For you or your bigger kid.

O watch bands

The O-Clock watches aren’t just streamlined and affordable, they’ve got a
nifty feature: The watch itself pops out. Meaning you can grab a watch face in your favorite color (I like the orange), then change up the O-Clock wristwatch cover
to match any style or mood. The faces are around $20 and the covers are
under $15 each, and even come in small sizes that fit tweens and big
kids nicely.

Be prepared. I am predicting a full backlash to the wristwatch backlash–as these things tend to go. –Liz

Learn more about O-Clock at their website and order from shops including our affiliate Amazon.