Plug out outlet organizerI do my best to remember to unplug my appliances, but boy does those cords wreak havoc on my counters. That’s why I’m tempted to snatch up one of these handy little gadgets for every outlet in my house.

The Plug Out outlet organizer is simple, brilliant way to keep all your cords on deck. Just attach it to your outlets using the stain-free adhesive, then loop your plugs through so when you’re done using them, they’ll hang conveniently under the plug and not on your desk or counter. 
Even better, you can actually hang more than just two plugs, so you can keep a few appliances or gadgets out and ready for use, instead of putting them away or letting those cords hang around in an unruly tangled mess near the outlet. I know I’m not the only one. -Kristen
You can purchase the Plug Out outlet organizer (in a set of 4) for just $15 at Uncommon Goods.