The Jawbone Jambox might be one of our favorite household gadgets, with amazing sound from such a tiny speaker that syncs up via your smart phone or computer’s Bluetooth.  But when I told my husband that they had just launched the Big Jambox, I’m not sure who drooled more.

So yes, while the Big Jambox is indeed bigger, it still weighs in at under 3 pounds (crazy!) making it a super versatile household gadget, whether or not you’re just an audiophile like my husband. The Big Jambox is built on a different platform than the original Jambox, and has the capacity to fill an entire backyard with awesome sound–so perfect for summer dinner parties and BBQs. But you can also hook it up to your television and make movie night more like movie theater night.
They’ve added a few other handy features, like buttons on the top so you don’t need your smart phone to control the songs, plus it can pair two devices at one time. And I love that it will remember up to 8 devices, so you’re not stuck with the same person’s playlist for the entire night.
If it’s anywhere near as awesome and pretty as the original Jambox, it’s going to be a fixture in our house, our office, and even our backyard. I am ready!
You can purchase the new Jawbone Big Jambox on or at a great price from our affiliate Amazon