iPhone Photo PrinterMy husband has about 400 photos jamming up the memory on his iPhone 3GS that I’m sure will never see the light of day. And don’t even get me started about how many are sitting on my hard drive, just waiting for me to print so I can quell the pleas from my in-laws for real photos of the kids.

That’s why I might just snag this brilliant photo-printing gadget for Father’s Day and make everyone in our family happy. 

The iPhone Photo Printer is the first printer that lets you print photo quality photos directly from your docked iPhone. It’s about the size of a tissue box and requires no ink cartridges. Seriously! Just download the app to your iPhone and then pop it into the dock. You’ll get 1, 4, or 10 images on a 4×6 size 300 dpi photo that’s smudge and tear proof, as well as fade and water resistent. It’ll even function as a charging dock too.

Now it does cost about $25 a pop to get a cartridge which prints around a dozen photos, so you’re not going to be using it to print hundreds of photos every day. But considering it replaces both photo paper, ink, and potentially a run to CVS for prints, it’s all about the convenience.

And don’t mope, Android users. You, too–as well as iPad owners–can use the printer with the help of a mini-usb. Hooray! -Kristen

Purchase the iPhone Photo Printer (which can work for Android and iPad) exclusively at Hammacher Schlemmer