Wee Mail pregnancy app
You know those emails that we all get hooked on when we are pregnant? The ones from Baby Center that say thinks like “right now your baby is the size of a peanut?” I loved having those come into my inbox because it made my pregnancy feel so real–especially in the beginning stages where only you and your significant other knew what was brewing and everyone else assumed that you were just eating too many pancakes.

Now there’s a digital version, although it’s not quite so…how shall I say it? Earnest. In fact, prepare to laugh.

Wee Mail is a new iPad app that will turn your inbox on its head, if not your actual baby. For
real, when I checked it out, I could not stop laughing. 

baby” talks to you via the app, and he is equal parts endearing and irreverent. Kind
of like Stewie on The Family Guy. Think: All
this food is great, but would it kill you to swallow a Netflix once in a

Keep in mind that some of the messages are not for everyone, and depending on your tolerance for irreverence might even be offensive. Me? Not offended one bit. But don’t say I didn’t warn you if you disagree.

In all, this app
succeeds in its complete originality and boldness. I’ll leave you with
this message from my baby: I reached 12 weeks. I’m like a really cheap whisky. Or a
Kardashian marriage
. Cheap shot? Sure. But pregnant mamas can use all the laughs they can get. –Eva

Wee Mail is available for download at iTunes for your iPhone and iPad.

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