I love the motto that forward-thinking tech companies seem to be using with great frequency these days: Always in beta. However even if your company is your “baby” it’s not exactly your baby. Which is who really, truly is in beta.

The Beta baby tee is the most awesome baby gift for your favorite tech geek or entrepreneurial type, who deigns to take her fingers off the screen long enough to birth something with a name that doesn’t end in .com.

Of course it’s probably not for those who subscribe to the notion that babies are born perfect. (Though I challenge them to stick by that after the first public diaper explosion.)

You can find it at Snugfits, which has lots of cute designs, including my second favorite, You’re Old. I’d imagine if they made that in sizes for 23 year olds, it would be hugely successful. –Liz

Find the Beta baby tee online at Snugfits

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