I’ve always believed it’s super important to expose a child to the arts at a very young age. It gives them a better understanding of the world around them and helps them everyday objects in a new light. And while of course it may inspire them to create something themselves, after my kids saw a street art exhibit, they wanted to spray paint my backyard.

Thankfully, there’s an art app that’s a little less destructive on the peonies.

definitely has the right background–the company works with museums,
artists, and collectors to make art available for reproduction. And
their new Bridgeman Art Doodle app
is ridiculously fun. You can choose from a myriad of types of art from
masters like Van Gogh and Bottticelli. Then, you take a paintbrush, dip
it in some pixelated paint, and add some new strokes to update a
familiar scene.

The instant gratification is so satisfying–then once you’re done, you
can post it to your own online gallery. I mean, your kid can. Er, we’re
still working on sharing. -Eva
Bridgeman Art Doodle app is available for your iphone or ipad at the app store.

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