DIY vintage book case for your wireless routerThis month I received several ominous warnings from my ISP, popping up to interrupt my web pages as I was browsing – We are replacing your wireless router! Order now or your service will be interrupted! You have T minus 14 days…13 days…12 days…

All I can say is I hope it makes it here in time. And that it will have to be reset a lot less frequently than my current router. And that maybe it will be smaller. And less obtrusive. So I was so happy to stumble onto this very clever idea for disguising your router.

Instead of that box sitting on the desk in your (our) living room and
blinking at you all day, you can slyly hide it inside a vintage book
binding with the pages removed. The entire tutorial is at  Anamu Blog. And from the looks of it, I don’t just have a great idea for hiding my tech, I have a new blog to bookmark. –Liz

Hide your wireless router with help from Anamu.