Ever since my husband took over my iPad, I figured it would be easier to just give up and use my Kindle Fire at bedtime. But as part of my news-reading routine, Flipboard had been sadly absent from list of go-to apps. That is, until now. Because Flipboard is finally available for Android. And it’s still free. Hooray!

Since I don’t subscribe to newspapers anymore and hardly watch the news on TV, I rely on my handy mobile apps to keep me updated on what’s going on in the world. And when I do have my iPad,  Flipboard rocks for its fetching interface and the fact that I can completely customize the content it curates for me.

Not only can I read niche blogs and my favorite magazines from my cozy bed, but I can also link my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds through, for all-in-one reading/updating/social networking. Multitasking = good. Also, they just partnered with the New York Times, so subscribers can now access premium digital content directly from the app. A huge bonus and another reason to keep you hooked.Important to note: It works on Android phones, the Kindle Fire, and the NOOK tablet–it will even come preloaded on the S III. Unfortunately, it’s not yet compatible with other Android tablets. Hopefully that will change soon.

But for the rest of you, I love that Flipboard gives me the equivalent of all my favorite magazines and websites in one place without the clutter on my nightstand, or in the landfills. And the fact that I can read everything on my Kindle now without having to wrestle the iPad away definitely keeps the peace. –Jeana

Flipboard for Android is available free from Google Play and Amazon Appstore. And of course, you can still
get Flipboard for iOS