It’s been a long time since I’ve carried around my SLR, but one thing was certain when I did that I learned from my shutterbug friends: Never use it without a camera strap.¬†With that in mind, just look at these gorgeous camera straps I found that are so pretty, they could pass as a fashion statement without the camera attached.

These beautiful Bloom Theory camera straps really do look more like necklaces, except instead of a pendant, your precious SLR camera dangles safely at the bottom.

Bloom Theory camera straps

I’ve got my eye on¬†Creme Brulee, though I’m kind of digging the sparkly¬†Stardust Silver. And if you happen to be a fan of bows and ruffles, there are plenty of those options too, as you can see.

Bloom Theory crochet camera strap

Bloom Theory ruffled camera strap

What a lovely gift for the stylish shutterbug who’s always snapping photos at special events or parties–or even the perfect accessory for a wedding photographer. Just know that each is lovingly made to order by hand, so in a way, you’re making art while wearing art.

You can purchase the gorgeous camera straps from Bloom Theory on their website. 

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