It’s been a long time since I’ve carried around my SLR, but one thing was certain when I did that I learned from my shutterbug friends: Never use it without a camera strap. With that in mind, just look at these gorgeous camera straps I found that are so pretty, they could pass as a fashion statement without the camera attached.

These beautiful Bloom Theory camera straps really do look more like necklaces, except instead of a pendant, your precious SLR camera dangles safely at the bottom.

Bloom Theory camera straps

I’ve got my eye on Creme Brulee, though I’m kind of digging the sparkly Stardust Silver. And if you happen to be a fan of bows and ruffles, there are plenty of those options too, as you can see.

Bloom Theory crochet camera strap

Bloom Theory ruffled camera strap

What a lovely gift for the stylish shutterbug who’s always snapping photos at special events or parties–or even the perfect accessory for a wedding photographer. Just know that each is lovingly made to order by hand, so in a way, you’re making art while wearing art.

You can purchase the gorgeous camera straps from Bloom Theory on their website.