SwipeTie Geek Father's Day gift
Not every dad is going to want a tie for Father’s day, traditional though it may be. But when you see what this tie actually does, then you’ll understand why I think it might just be the ultimate Father’s Day gift for the geek dad in your life. 

The SwipeTie looks like any other silk tie– at least to me anyway–in lots of attractive prints and colors. But on the flip side, it’s made with a special fabric that’s designed to remove fingerprints and smudges from your gadgets and eyeglasses.

In other words, for the guy who already thinks ties are best used for wiping off their phones, congratulations. Your tie is ready.


Just one caveat: It doesn’t work as a napkin. At least not officially. -Kristen

You can purchase a SwipeTie, now on sale through Father’s Day, at Swipeswipe.com

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