Spunpens touchscreen stylus pen
I admit when I hear the word stylus, I still think of that awful little black toothpick-y thing that came with my very first Palm Pilot. Now, it’s so exciting that they’ve become stylish, comfortable to hold, and more importantly, harder to lose.

SpunPens on Etsy has a lot of great implements like pens and razors, but I love the collection of handmade styluses.

There are a ton of styles from a funky swirls to bold textured leather
encased under resin, and even some simple ones for you conservative
types. It’s a soft touch stylus which works on any touch screen, from smartphones and tablets, to the Kindle Fire or Nook, and beyond. And at just

necklace stylus
over 4″ long, they’re nicely proportioned to even the smaller phone screens. There’s also a necklace stylus pen for you uber tablet addicts.

By the way, am I the only one who’s itching to say styli? Like cacti?

“Styluses.” Weird. –Liz

Find handmade stylus pens (or you know, styluses) at Etsy’s SpunPens.

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