8-bit Laptop Sleeve!
You know where you should put the fastest, fanciest, lightest modern laptop ever invented?

In an two-dimensional envelope that looks like it popped out of the original Donkey Kong. Just for the irony.

Whether you’re a fan of the perfect-for-moms MacBook Air or the iPad, this rad 8-Bit Sleeve gives a retro-fun look to keeping your device safe and stylish. It may look like it came from the 80s, but it’s carefully made of premium synthetic leather with a matte finish on the outside and soft fiber inside.

We do not, however, recommend bashing bricks, climbing vines, or fighting giant mutant turtles in a dungeon whilst carrying your high tech devices, no matter how Mario-esque the laptop sleeve.~Delilah
Find the 8-Bit Sleeve for iPad and both sizes of MacBook Air at Big Big Pixel.

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