One of the many things I love about summer is the enticing and oh-so-summery smell of things cooking on the grill. Mmmm…meat. 


My husband is the house-appointed grillmaster, but I’d like to start expanding my grilling horizons beyond hamburgers, and I’m pretty sure these three apps will not only give us tons of new ideas for backyard grilling, but also help the less experienced griller (me) on how to perfect my techniques.

Apps for summer grilling: Appetites

Appetites app
If you’d like to have an actual chef in your kitchen with you, check out the Appetites app which offers video instruction and mouth watering recipes for both on the grill and off. The app comes with a starter pack of 30 video recipes, like Beer Braised Short Ribs, Almond Crusted Shrimp, Maple Bacon Pancakes, but you can purchase additional packs ($1.99 each) for even more culinary inspiration. (Free)

Apps for summer grilling: Grill It! XL

Grill-It! XL app (above) This
popular app goes way beyond hot dogs and includes gourmet recipes for
everything including meat, poultry, fish and veggies. I think a dinner
consisting of a feta burger with red pepper aioli and a side of parmesan grilled
broccoli sounds pretty nice. And if this recipe gets my kids to eat the green stuff, it’s well worth the $1.99 price.

Apps for summer grilling: GrillTime

When cooking meat, I’m always the one poking at it and asking my husband, “is this done yet?” If you’re like me, this GrillTime app is exactly what you need, acting as a precise timer for whatever you have on the grill. That way the veggie kebob for Mom, the rib-eye for Grandpa and the chicken sausages for your sister-in-law can all be cooked to perfection. ($1.99)

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