Someone recommended I purchase the “Total Baby” app and it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore in in iTunes. Any similar apps you know of and could recommend for parents of newborns? –Kelly

Hi Kelly! When we checked, the Total Baby app is still available on iTunes, so perhaps there was a glitch or a server update when you went to buy it. Anyway, whoever recommended the app to you is one smart mama.

Total Baby (above) is a fantastic and very comprehensive app that lets you track everything you want to know when you’re in the throes of newborn-dom; 14 trackers to be specific, including diapers, nursing, pumping, bottles, solids, sleeping and more. There is also a section for adding notes, milestones, doctor visits and growth progression to see how quickly that little peanut is growing. (iTunes, $4.99)

Here are two other good newborn apps for iOS to take a look at as well:


Baby Tracker Nursing app

If you don’t need 14 trackers for your little one and instead want to just focus on nursing, check out this simple, nursing-specific app for everything you’ll need for your baby’s feeding schedule. Made by the same company as Total Baby, you can expect the same clean interface and ease-of-use. There’s a handy stopwatch style timer too that can log the feedings. And it sure beats using the hair elastic on the nursing side wrist that I used with my little ones. (iTunes, $4.99)

iBabyLog app

iBaby Log App |

Maybe you’d rather save that $4.99 and instead put it towards your next box of diapers. In that case, the free iBabyLog is a good tracking alternative. While the design is more cluttered and less appealing than Total Baby, iBabyLog has 18 trackers for baby and offers a cool graphing feature that lets you look at patterns in your baby’s sleep patterns. It’s free, so don’t be surprised that there are ads on screen. Just try to avoid tapping them in your sleep-deprived state. (iTunes, Free)

For a more comprehensive list, please check out our 2014 10 best apps for new parents which include newborn tracking apps, breastfeeding apps, apps to help you find clean changing tables in restrooms, and more.

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