As soon as my kids were old enough to hold a crayon, I started apologizing to the trees. Wow, they run through a ream of paper in no time at all with all their pictures, notes, and stories. And while I appreciate their creativity, I also appreciate a smart little tablet that lets them get creative without filling up my recycling bin.

This Boogie Board doesn’t go in the surf, dance, or have anything to do with your nose (ew), but is instead a compact and lightweight LCD writing tablet with loads of uses. Kids can draw to their heart’s content on the flat and forgiving screen using either the enclosed stylus or, once that is lost, their fingernail, a toothpick, or really any narrow object that can take the place of a pen.

My kids love to keep their Boogie Board in the car for drawing, passing notes between car seats, or playing a game of tic-tac-toe. It also comes in handy in waiting rooms, restaurants or anywhere you need a bit of a distraction.

And hey, it’s not just for kids: I love that I can scribble a quick I love you! note on the pad and leave it on their pillow at bedtime if I’m going out for the night. Or, jot down my grocery list and stick the slim pad into my bag. I can even write reminders for the kids like “please put me back in my sleeve when you are finished with me.” Whatever I write on the board stays there until the erase button at top is pressed.

We’ve had our Boogie Board since Christmas and despite being shoved into bookshelves, tossed on the floor of the car and generally being manhandled by three active children, it is in great shape. The 3V watch battery is still going strong too.

When you erase, note that there is no undo or save button, so what’s gone is gone for good. Still, unlike that piece of paper, this Boogie Board is ready to “boogie” for as long as you are.

The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is available in several colors at our affiliate Amazon.