Considering most of the photos of my kids are taken with the Instagram app, I’m always looking for cool ways to get them off my camera.So now, along with Casetagram iPhone cases and Stitchtagram pillows, you’ve got a new option: turning your Instagram photos into coasters.

Meet Coastermatic, a cool Brooklyn-based company that will whip your favorite Instagram photos into funky coasters. Your square images are fit onto round sand stone discs and printed using a special stone ink right here in the USA. Once you sync up your Instagram account, you simply pick your favorites from all your photos; they’re displayed on round discs so it’s easy to see which photos will look best.

I can’t think of a cooler gift for the grandparents, teacher, hey, even yourself. You take all those pictures of your kiddos or a gorgeous sunset or your sleeping puppy and share them with your social media friends. Why not share them with your IRL friends too? -Kristen 

You can purchase Coastermatic Instagram coasters on their website. 

[Thanks Tina; photos © Kristen Chase]