Cool photo gifts for mom tend to be a sure thing in the Mother’s Day gift department. Since so many services have made it a snap to print incredible gifts directly from the photos you take on your Instagram account, we’re all for taking advantage with one of these eight very cool ideas. –Liz

Wooden photo album made for Instagram prints

This one is made just for square photos–perfect, right? Great if she’s got lots of her own photos, or fill the pages out leaving a few free for future memories. ($100, Lorgie on Etsy)

mothers day photo gift on Cool Mom Picks: Custom wooden photo prints

Custom wooden photo prints

Grab a favorite photo–I think sepia or black and white works beautifully with the wood grain–and Instathis will hook you up with a lovely gift that’s ready to hang. No frame required. Or create a series of 4, say a recent family vacation, or one for each grand kid, and you not only have a bigger gift, you get a 25% discount. ($30 and up)

mothers day photo gift on Cool Mom Picks: mosaic photo book

mosaic photo book

This may be the easiest photo book to make ever, because you don’t have to make it at all. Install the free iOS app, pick 20 favorite pics and the rest is done for you. Plus the quality is terrific. ($20)

mothers day photo gift on Cool Mom Picks: retro print photos

retro print photos

Pick your favorite 36 photos of mom with the kids or grandkids and put together this thoughtful gift of Polaroid-style prints. They’d look great all strung up on a clothesline, or just by themselves on a desk as a set of memories. ($21; about 2 weeks for shipping so hurry!)

mothers day photo gift on Cool Mom Picks: Edible chocolate photos

Edible chocolate photos

Cocoagraph will accept any photo, not just from Instagram, but they happen to work exceptionally well. Mom might not want to eat her kids’ faces…but perhaps photos of the garden is a fun substitute for flowers; or get the kids to make art work that says “I love you mom.” Of course you’ll have to then photograph it before you eat it. ($14 and up)

casemate custom photo case | ©liz gumbinner

Custom photo cell phone cases

Case-Mate still has the widest selection of device cases from iPhones and Androids, to Kindles and Blackberries. Upload your photos and give a tech mama (or grandmama) one more way to show off her family. ($40+) Other favorite services include Tiny Prints  and Uncommon if you’re an iPhone user.

mothers day photo gift on Cool Mom Picks: Custom Photo Tote Bag

Custom Photo Tote Bag

Stitchtagram lets you upload your photos onto totes, coin purses, pillows and clutches. But to make Mother’s Day delivery, you have to order by today! ($76)

mothers day photo gift on Cool Mom Picks: Custom canvas prints

Custom canvas prints

Canvaspop does one of the best jobs we’ve found of converting those special photos into hanging artwork and they’ve just added a photo mosaic option. You can even pull in photos from your Facebook albums. If you go with the single photo option, just make sure the quality is awesome. Maybe a photo taken with a digital camera before you went all filter-y with it on Instagram. ($39.95+)