If you’ve heard rumors about the FBI shutting down internet access for certain PCs this coming Monday, we hate to say it, but it’s more than a rumor. But don’t worry – the chances are minimal and you can take a simple steps to find out if you’re one of the unlucky few.

Evidently the FBI is pulling the plug on servers infected with the
DNSChanger malware which connect to both personal and business
computers. The FBI did their FBI cyber arse-kickin’ thang, and saved the
day for the most part. But now as the final step, they’re taking the
remaining servers offline Monday. Meaning if your computer uses one of
those DNS servers, you might find you have no internet in two days.

1. Visit and in a second, you’ll see if you’re all clear.

2. If you’ve got a green background, carry on.

3. If you’ve got a red background, visit the Detect DCWG
website and get all the info you need to get rid of the malware. It
includes links to run virus tests on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Max OSX.
(Windows Vista is still pending…although, uh, time’s kind of running

4. Back up your data if you’re at risk for shutdown!

It’s worth about the 2 seconds of your time that it takes to click over. Good luck, citizens! And good job, FBI. –Liz

For future reference, visit the page on FBI tips on how to protect your computer
. Helpful.



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