Retro toy camera by Fisher Price
Remember when a kid’s first camera wasn’t an accidentally unlocked iPhone? 

We do, too. And we’re glad it’s available again, but without all those pesky dangerous bits from the original version.

The Fisher-Price Changeable Disk Camera
has all the features you remember: three story disks, a clickable
shutter, and a rotating flash that changes color to tint the world blue,
red, yellow, or clear. The disks store in the camera body, and there’s
even a carry strap. The old-fashioned styling from 1968 is unchanged and
even more charming, considering the images haven’t been cartoon-ized,
re-printed in neon colors, or changed into licensed characters.

I mean… that kid on the side is wearing a white turtleneck.

kids went through three toy cameras, and they still get excited every
time they find one, broken and beaten in the toy box. The world’s
fanciest smartphone just can’t compare with the simple joy they get,
looking through a plastic lens and seeing everything differently.
There’s just something satisfying about pressing that button and feeling
a good, old-fashioned plastic click. ~Delilah
Find the Fisher-Price Changeable Disk Camera (see, even the name is old-fashioned!) at Fat Brain Toys.

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