gizmon iphone camera caseLook at this picture quickly: Cool camera, right? Now look closely…because it’s actually an iPhone.

I’m totally blown away by the gorgeous iCA Leather iPhone cases that
turn your ordinary ubiquitous Apple phone into something more. At least on the outside. The screen side is not covered at all.

I can’t think of a more perfect travel case, to keep your phone ready for snapshots while keeping you hands-free. And it evidently still allows you access to all your other iPhone features including, what’s that thing? Oh right. The phone. Although when I’m overseas I tend not to be fielding calls quite so often.

Right now they’re on sale at Fab for a limited time at $45 (they’re $55
on Amazon and $65 at shops like Urban Outfitters), and you can grab some
colorful wrist or neck straps too. Plus there are clip-on lenses for fisheye photos, and snap-on polarizing filters
which are definitely worth a look for you serious iPhoneographers.

Yes, I said polarizing filters. As in, a real filter. One that’s not an app feature. There is such a thing, it’s true. –Liz

UPDATE 8/12: After seeing the cases in person, we were sadly disappointed in the quality especially at this price. Huge huge bummer. Let’s hope for an improvement with the next manufacturing run.

gizmon iphone camera cases

Find the Gizmon leather iPhone cases at our affiliate Amazon with some interesting special offers with purchase (like a free fish-eye lens), also for a limited time.