toddler lock caseEvery time I see toddlers wildly tapping and swiping at their moms’ phones, I wonder how much they’re inadvertently racking up in iTunes purchases–or perhaps which international country they’re dialing. But it’s not just toddlers that are at risk of activating something they’re not supposed to. 

My kids love seeing all the photos and videos I have on my phone and every once in a while, I hear the “Mom, what do I do now?” call for help.
Sound familiar? That’s where a kid-proof solution for managing iPhone usage really comes into play.

The pairing of the Toddler Lock App with the Toddler Lock iPhone Case creates a very smart solution to allow your kids to play with your phone without worrying about in-app purchases.

If your kids are like mine and love seeing
themselves in pictures and video, you’ll love the app which lets kids
scroll through all the content in your photo stream and library. There
is also a cute animated video for the younger set, for when they’re done
looking at the pictures (it’s very short though so won’t keep them
entertained for long).

Toddler Lock app for the iPhone

To exit the app, there are two little white buttons in the top
corners that adults need to push at the same time. Not
easy for toddlers to do. But even with all that, it still leaves the
potential for them to push on that darned home button and leave the app. 

where the Toddler Lock iPhone case comes in. It’s got a handy little cover that you snap off the back, and then conveniently snap back onto the front part of the phone where the home button is
otherwise exposed. If kids are not able to push the home button, they’re not able
to get out of the app you’ve set for them. Sorry China, no more calls for you. -Jeana 

The Toddler Lock App is available for free from iTunes. The Toddler Lock iPhone Case is available for $25 plus S&H.