P&P paper waste processorWhile we’re increasingly paper-free thanks to services like online bill pay and Catalog Choice, I’m still amazed at the amount of paper that comes into this house from junk mail, solicitations and school flyers. So when I saw this device that actually does something useful with all that paper I thought, wow. Just wow.

A team of Chinese industrial designers have come up with a concept
device that will allow you to put waste paper into the machine and churn
out…pencils. The P&P Office Waste Processor will surely get a
snazzier name if it gets distributed in the US. But I think it’s pretty
great as it is. All it takes is glue, graphite, and the paper of your choosing.

You just don’t want to use it with your tax bills. Stick with
those announcements about the after-school chess club. –Liz

[via ecofriend, yanko design]