lomography stop motion cameraAs much as we love all the popular apps and filters that give any old iPhoneographer more professional results, it’s kind of great to see that those cheats (let’s be honest) are also getting more and more people excited about learning classic photography techniques with classic equipment. Now: stop motion.

The Lomokino stop motion camera
is one of those things you’ll probably love if you’re looking to have
more fun with real photography. This lomo-cam uses 33mm film, an
old-fashioned handle crank, and has no instant digital playback. So why
use it? Because the results look awesome.

Essentially you’ll get a series of sequential shots taken at the speed
you choose, that are then put together as a series of stills or can be
woven together as a stop-motion film. There’s also a smart phone mount
to let you digitize it all. After all, we don’t expect you to build a
darkroom and start splicing film by hand, too. -Liz

Grab the whole The stop motion camera set including lomography camera, viewing set, film, and phone adaper for $135, or buy them individually at Uncommon Goods.

For a fun look at a stop motion film, see this fun stop motion video at Lomography.com