I love mix tapes. When I was younger, I owned one of those super cool boom boxes with two cassette decks for optimum recording prowess. I would painstakingly plan out each song based on theme, and then make sure that there was just enough time between songs. It took days. And then I would fill out the liner notes with a ball point pen.

Who’s with me?

Flash forward to 2012.

The answer my friends, is blowing in the…never mind. It’s right here. I am loving, loving, loving this new way to share music with friends. It’s a 1GB USB drive which is room for about 200 songs…which is way more room than your cassette player had. Promise.

1G USB Mix Tape at Walker Art | Cool Mom Tech

The coolest part is that it comes packaged in an retro cassette “case,” ready made for your lovingly handwritten playlist–what an amazing gift.

It shows you put a little more time and love into your creation than most people would assume, especially when your iTunes has a drop down menu that says “burn disc.” Old school flavor + new technology. I love it.

USB Compilation Tape is available at See Jane Work

UPDATE: This is no longer available at See Jane Work, but you can find a similar one shown above with a 1GB Memory Stick by SUCK UK at Walker Art  and at various vendors at our affiliate Amazon.