Amazon Instant Video for the iPadWith an impending long road trip that the kids are already whining about, I’m in the process of loading up the digital entertainment options on my iPad. My primary source has always been iTunes, but with the launch of the new Amazon Instant Video for iPad app, I’m thrilled that I have thousands of more options, hundreds of thousands, actually.

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The Amazon Instant Video for iPad app offers your
pick of pretty much any TV show or movie imaginable. For old time’s
sake, I picked a random blast from the past – Degrassi Junior High – and
found that I can actually watch one of my favorite TV shows from my
formative years right on my iPad. Joey Jeremiah, anyone? 
Just as with the Amazon Instant Video store online,
the app lets you buy or rent any of its content available, and what’s
even cooler is that Whispersync technology lets you leave your device, then
pick right up where you left off on your Kindle Fire, PS3, PC, Mac and more. You can watch
downloaded or purchased videos directly on your devices or use a WiFi
connection to access instant video content. 
can continue that walk down memory lane like me and add other old time
favorites to your Watchlist for viewing later, or subscribe to a TV
Season Pass on and episodes of your favorite shows (circa
now) will automatically be available on your iPad the day after they

One head-scratcher with the app is that you can’t search for
content or buy from the app itself, but must go through the
Amazon site. I’m sure that a future build out will include search bar
within the app–or at least I hope it does because it’s a little annoying to have to switch to your browser.

the app is a huge boon for every iOS user who wants another content
streaming option in addition to iTunes. Pricing between
iTunes and Amazon is comparable, but don’t forget that Amazon Prime
members also have access to gobs of free content available, should you have ponied up the $79/year subscription fee. In my opinion, it’s worth the $79. Especially to be reunited with the
gang from Degrassi, right on my iPad. –Jeana 

The Amazon Instant Video for iPad app is available for free in iTunes.
If you’ve never been a
Prime member before, you can test out the service for free for one