With so many of our big kids using tech gadgets on a daily basis, it seems only natural that they’d use them school. So for our final installment in our Back to School Tech series, we’ve rounded up some of the best educational apps for big kids, tweens, and teens. From the best science and math apps, to handy ways for them to keep track of homework and stay organized, these apps all get an A+ in our book. 

Back to school tech: Educational apps for big kids

Chemistry: NOVA Elements App 

From the two full two-hour video of NOVA’s Hunting the Elements special with David Pogue, to the interactive periodic table of the elements and fun facts about every element from hydrogen to ununoctium, your budding chemist will flip over this app. {iOS, free}
Back to school tech: BoBo Explores Light science app

General Science: Bobo Explores Light
This amazing app is like having an interactive science lab right on your iPad that teaches kids about 21 topics including photosynthesis, refraction and space flight. {iOS, $4.99} 

Back to school tech: Rocket Math app for kids

Math Drills: Rocket Math 
Mixing physics, building, aerospace and math, kids add, subtract, multiply and divide their way to the stars. And the more math they do, the cooler they can make their rocket ship. {iOS, $0.99} 

Back to school tech: Penultimate note taking app

Note Taking: Penultimate
Your kids can sketch drawings, take notes, or do whatever else you’d usually do with pen and paper but with their finger, then sync with Dropbox and Evernote for easy organization. {iOs, $0.99}

Back to school tech: Evernote app

Organization: Evernote

As much as we love Evernote, we’re not surprised that it’s great for kids too, allowing them to track homework assignments, research, projects, and more with a few clicks. {Android, iOS free}

Back to school tech: iStudiez app

Homework + Scheduling: iStudiez
This virtual day planner for students lets them track tasks and deadlines, plan homework, even keep up with grades and their GPA all in one handy, streamlined place. {iOS, $.99 for limited time}
word Welder
Building Vocabulary: Word W.E.L.D.E.R.
Don’t laugh–this addictive game is also a great way to pick up on vocabulary words. There’s even a word lookup button right in the app. And hey, there’s nothing like beating your friends’ high scores as incentive for learning.  {iOS, $1.99}

Back to school tech: Khan Academy app

Every Subject Under the Earth: Khan Academy app
Whether they need to play catch up in Calculus, want to boost their Chemistry grade, or are just really interested in Art History, Khan Academy offers easy-to-follow educational videos for students of all ages. {iOS, free}

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