Whenever I take back my iPhone from my kids’ sticky hands, I find loads of goofy pictures they’ve taken. Because if there is one thing my kids love about my iPhone, beyond playing games, it’s being able to snap photos of everything they see.


So, when I had the chance to beta test a coloring-book app that uses their photos to fill in the blank pages instead of virtual crayons, I knew they would love it. And I was right.

{keep reading to find out how you can win a free beta download of this app}

The almost-to-market Cobypic app looks, at the outset, like a regular “fill-in-the-color” coloring book. But there is one fun difference: click on a colored circle below one of the many coloring pages and, instead of filling in the picture with that color, your iPhone’s camera will open up, along with the little “finger” framing device. 

Now they aren’t “coloring” but are on a hunt to find something in that particular color to photograph.

It’s so fun to watch my kids playing with this app. For instance, when they are looking for something “blue”, it’s pretty easy when they can just point the camera up at the summer’s sky (as in the image below). But if they are indoors, they will need to start  searching the house for something blue—-maybe they’ll capture the denim of jeans, a part of a toy, or a blue wall. 
Cobypic kids' coloring and photography art app
For toddlers, this would make a great parent/child game to work on color recognition. Let the little one toddle around looking for something yellow while you follow with the iPhone safely in hand to snap the shot. And for older kids, this is a great way for them to interact with their environment around them. Even a long car ride can become a fun challenge when they are searching for something red or yellow from the backseat of the car. 
And for those of us with a child who insists that the rocket ship shouldn’t be red but must be purple, they can easily change the colors just by photographing a different color or even a pattern of colors. And for children who want the character in the picture to have their same skin color? Just have them photograph their arm and now she does. Being able to interpret the photo as they want is pretty neat, and my kids have made some really interesting images. 
Unfortunately, Cobypic isn’t for sale yet but is working to raise funds via Kickstarter. But, if you really want to snag a copy, you can get one of fifty “testflight” beta copies of the app by donating at least $1. For all the fun my kids have had with the beta version, I’d say this is a bargain. –Christina

Check out the Cobypic Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the app and where you can also support their launch with a donation. 

Congratulations to Holly H and Kathy O!  They each won a beta copy of the Cobypic app.

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