cooliris social discovery photo app
Have you ever wanted to turn all of your friends’ various Instagram photos into a gallery on your tablet? What about finding a way to share your Instagram, Facebook, Shutterfly and iPhone galleries with your family in an easy way–emphasis on easy. We have found the perfect solution. No wonder it’s the #1 free lifestyle app in the app store.

The Cooliris app is finally available for iPad (also for iPhone) and it does so much so beautifully.

You may have heard of Cooliris; I have the web
app downloaded on my kids’ computer and it’s a great way for them to
visually see all of the browser pages that they have left open so they
can move from webpage to webpage with ease. It’s also a gorgeous way to
enable full-screen slideshows of images online, and I always thought
that the only thing missing from the application was the ability to
touch an image and flip a page.

It really is the best way I’ve seen to aggregate photos from all the
different sources, online and off, and get to view them all at one.
Check out the sweet Cooliris demo to get a great sense of just how cool it is–and how simple the sharing aspect is.

Cooliris adapts to the functionality of the iPad in a beautiful way. I
hate to wax poetic but these online galleries are phenomenal. Plus there
is the ability to share the galleries with your friends with just a
simple click. Now all we need is to get it working with Picasa,
Photobucket and TwitPic. But hey, so far, so very very good. -Eva

Get the CoolIris app FREE for iPhone and now iPad. EDITED: it is not yet available for Android. Apologies for any confusion.

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