Back-to-school shopping is here, big time, and if any of you have a big ticket item on your list, like a laptop or new printer, make sure you check out the ShopAdvisor app before making the purchase.  This handy little app acts like your personal shopper/market analyst and keeps an eye out for the specific products you want and lets you know when the price drops to suit your budget.

While any purchase big or small can be tracked with the ShopAdvisor app, I think something expensive like a laptop or fancy coffee machine is a great use for the app. (Unless you’re super frugal and willing to wait for a t-shirt you like go down $.99.) All you have to do is enter the details of what  you want to purchase, or better yet, scan the barcode directly into the app. ShopAdvisor will scour prices on the Internet and at stores around you and let you know if you can find a better deal elsewhere. It’s like Red Laser in its price comparison capacity.

But on top of that, you can keep items on your ‘Watchlist’ and just monitor their prices. Even cooler, it syncs with Evernote so, say you have a list of gift ideas stored, ShopAdvisor will take those items and price match them for you and try to find the best deals online.

Now, if that’s not the closest thing to a personal shopper, I don’t know what is.

ShopAdvisor is free for iOS and Android devices.