Kids' music download of the week: Party by Dog on Fleas
Ice cream for dinner. Late nights blowing off bedtime. Skipping baths because, Hey!, we cleaned off in the pool, right

Oh, I do love summer, which can feel like one big party, and if you agree, grab this download and get ready to par-tay, even if you’re doing it at 8pm while warming up the nighttime bottles.

Off their eclectic CD Invisible Friends, Dog on Fleas’ most raucous tune is the aptly named Party. No listen-to-your-mother messages, no clever lyrics, no quiet sweetness to put a lump in your throat. Just 2:45 minutes of jump-around-the-room enthusiasm with ambient party sounds which I use as my few seconds to catch my breath. 

No worries if we get all sweaty dancing around the living room. It is summer after all. –Christina

Download Party from Dog on Fleas’ Invisible Friends at CD Baby.

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