Kids' music download of the week: The Harmonica Pocket's Monkey Love
Is there any creature more perfectly suited for toddlers to love than a monkey? Mischievous, adorable, snuggly, and prone to making gigantic messes, it’s no wonder that almost every toddler I meet will go bananas (heh) for this song.

Monkey Love, off of CMP favorite The Harmonica Pocket’s newest release Apple Apple, is a playful, singsongy tune with beginner lyrics like Monkey Me/ Monkey Climb/ Monkey Tree. And while the lyrics are definitely toddler-approved, they are perfectly suited for the sway-inducing song—no eye rolling, I promise.

I’ve recently read that the lyrics are actually about how people come together to make a family, and while I definitely didn’t catch that the first time around, this makes the song sound even sweeter when I hear it now.

I also love that Caspar Babypants (aka Chris Ballew) joins the duo of Keeth Monta Apgar and Nala Walla—their three voices come together at the end to make a most beautiful harmony. All to distract you from the mess your little monkey is making while you dance around the room. -Christina

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