I remember that one of the first things I got when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby was one of those at-home doppler kits so I could hear the heartbeat whenever I wanted.

Well, if you’re willing to shell out $7400 (or more likely, you’re a professional doctor or midwife), you could actually take ultrasound pictures using your smart phone.

The Mobisante ultrasound device, the MobiUS, which works with a Microsoft smart phone, could really help to detect and diagnose possible health issues on the fly, giving the physician to ability email or text the ultrasound photos to another doctor or hospital staff. And yes, it’s really for medical professionals who might be in transit or at an emergency and don’t have immediate access to a cumbersome ultrasound device.

Of course we could see a few parents (Tom Cruise perhaps?) who would be willing to pay to get their hands on one of these. Would you? -Kristen

Learn more about the MobiUS smartphone-based ultrasound device on the Mobisante website.