Do you ever have a moment where your kid says something so funny that you think “that would make a great poster?” Or do you have a great picture to display and you want to include the perfect caption? Now you can do both easily through the Phoster app, and it will look like you hired a pricy professional designer to do it for you.

I am loving Phoster (get it, photo + poster?), which is an iPhone and iPad app that makes being creative, super fun and seamless. Take a new picture with your iPhone, or use one from your digital library. Then, you pick a color, a template, and a font and watch your poster come to life beautifully.

You can share your masterpiece on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and good old fashioned email. Or print them out and display them around your house. For just a buck ninety nine, you can have the freshest art gallery in town. Also, a way to kill your entire Sunday morning. I’m just preparing you.

Phoster by Bucket Labs is available on iTunes

[h/t @mollybalint]

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