If you’re anything like me, then you actually use your laptop on your lap, which isn’t really the best for your legs or your computer. And as the manual will warn you, flat on a table can still cause overheating. Since I haven’t actually found a laptop stand that I can remember to use consistently, I’m intrigued by these affordable (and cute) little gadgets that might just be exactly what I’ve been waiting for. 

These Smart Pebbles are versatile little gadgets that might give your legs and even your wrists a break. Simply press them onto a clean surface, like the back of your tablet or smart phone to prop them up, or place them under your laptop to give it a little boost. 


You can even attach Smart Pebbles to your mouse and under your wrist, which is a so smart for those of us who are on the computer an awful lot. And the best part, no sticky stuff or weird residue on your gadgets. Just press and prop! -Kristen

Purchase Smart Pebbles at Design Boom

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