SOLAR weather app for the iPhone
I admit that I never thought I’d use the weather app on my iPhone when I first got it. But now I check it almost constantly, thanks to a son who’s weather obsessed and a husband whose job (and getting home to us) depends on it.

So since I’m checking it all the time, why not make it something that’s easy on the eyes as well.

The SOLAR app is probably the coolest weather app I’ve seen. Not necessarily because it gives you an in-depth 10-day weather report, or rings to remind you to bring an umbrella, because it doesn’t. And really, I don’t really need that anyway. What it does is give you simple information, like temperature and basic forecast, even an optional “feels like” temp based on humidity and wind chill, all on top of gorgeous scapes that display the weather through colors. 

SOLAR weather app multiple location view
SOLAR weather app forecast screen
And yes, it’s as responsive as it is pretty, which means if think you might need a jacket, you don’t to wait forever to get actual confirmation. -Kristen

The SOLAR app is available for $.99 on iTunes for a limited time.

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