Hello Kitty Firefly kids' toothbrush
We’ve dabbled in the electric toothbrush world (or battery-operated, more aptly) but with kids who still have small mouths and small hands, most of them were a little too much to handle. And I promise that wasn’t just an excuse not to brush–bubble gum toothpastes help on that front.

Having given the Firefly Toothbrush a whirl in our bathroom for the last week or so, it really is a wonderful little device. It starts in very small
sizes–small enough for toddlers to hold and handle, and the brush head
size is just right. The gimmick is that a light flashes for a full minute to let kids know how
long to brush, flashing more quickly (“like a firefly Mommy, get
it?”) toward the end.

Superhero Firefly toothbrushes for kids
does come dressed up in the kind of licensed characters that will get a
lot of kids excited for brushing; think Spiderman, Superman, Strawberry
Shortcake (ironically) and my girls’ favorite, Hello Kitty. I could live without Barbie, but at least she’s not available in the 2-4 year size from what I can tell.

One more thing I like: You can replace the 2 AA batteries when they run out. I
just wish we could replace the brush heads too. Considering how much my kids
are (finally) using these, we might need it. –Liz

Learn more about the Firefly Toothbrush on their website or find in retailers everywhere including our affilate, Amazon

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