If you have to put your Kindle away at some point, it might as well be in something a beautiful as these handmade to order e-reader cases from this lovely Etsy Shop.

nimoo / handmade kindle cases

The Nimoo Etsy shop makes every one of their beautiful Kindle cases
(tablets too) to order right in Bilbao, Spain. The construction looks
lovely and every fabric is cheery and modern. They’re padded with a
layer of fleece so it’s not going to be impervious to your toddler
jumping on it, but it should do the trick in your handbag. Plus I love
the exterior pockets so you can pop in a notebook or a pen.

nimoo / handmade kindle cases
nimoo / handmade kindle cases
nimoo / handmade kindle cases

Of course it’s very important once you get one that you make plans
to go to Bilbao so that the case can return to its hometown at some
point. Just keep telling yourself that. –Liz

Find made to order Kindle cases, tablet cases and more online at Nimoo.