There have been a lot of exciting news and updates for Apple loyalists out there recently–namely the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. But we also know about the growing legions of Android users, and we’re excited to see that Android has really upped the ante in the tablet wars.

Here are four 7″ Android tablets that we have our eye on, as great family-friendly tech picks. Two are made just for kids, while two are really made for you–knowing that the kids will get their hands on them in about 4.3 seconds.

Parents’ tablets that kids can use
If you’re a Google kind of family–you use Gmail, rely on Google Play for your apps, employ Google+ and share your Google docs–then the Google Nexus (above) is a no brainer. This newly-launched tablet features a sleek design, fast processing speed and nine hours of continuous HD video playback. After all, the family that Googles together, stays together. Isn’t that how it goes? (Available now: $199 for 8 GB, $249 for 16 GB)

Kindle Fire HD Android tablet | Amazon

The upgrade to the Kindle Fire HD is worth it to get unlimited streaming content from Amazon. The new version boasts a larger screen, amazing sound and all the e-books, movies and TV shows that everyone in the family can enjoy. Depending on what your needs are, you can go with the 4G version ($499, excluding data plan) or wi-fi only for $299, available on Oct. 25th from Amazon.

Kids’ tablets that parents can use 

Tabeo kids' Android tablet | Toys R Us

Toys “R” Us recently launched a new tablet called the Tabeo, which is definitely geared more towards kids than adults. It comes pre-loaded with 50 apps, but also offers access to the Tabeo App Store with more than 7,000 to download for free. While the look and feel is undoubtedly for kids, parents can use the 4 GB of storage and HDMI output, and can unlock the parental controls for some of their tablet needs as well. ($149, available late October)

MEEP Android tablet for kids | Oregon Scientific

The MEEP tablet from Oregon Scientific is another to consider when shopping for a more kid-centric tablet, especially as holidays roll around. It offers the standard features like pre-loaded content (games, eBooks, multimedia), a built-in camera and parental controls. What’s especially neat is that you can purchase MEEP accessories like a roll-out piano keyboard or steering wheel for gaming that will make your kids even more excited about owning their own tablet. ($149, available now)  -Jeana

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