If you’re an avid Facebook user (is there any other kind?), you’ll be thrilled to hear that Facebook and Dropbox have teamed up to enable you to share files from your Dropbox account right inside Facebook groups. That’s pretty big.

Share files from Dropbox on Facebook

Basically, anything you have stored in Dropbox,
whether it’s a work document, a video, a picture can now instantly be
shared to groups you have established on Facebook. And in true Facebook
fashion, whatever you post can then be commented on and liked…you know
how it works.

What’s also cool is that if you make a change to something
you’ve already shared, all the recipients in your group get an
automatic update that changes have been made. Think of all the back and
forth emails you’ll save on those volunteer lists! 

It may seem like a small feature that is being
added, but having the ability to instantly share files from your phone
to Facebook Groups could save a ton of time rather than having to email people
individually with documents, or wait until you get home to your computer to send
The new feature is rolling out now and should be hitting your accounts in the coming days. And if you don’t already have a Dropbox account,
I’d recommend getting one anyway, aside from this integration. Instant
access to your important files and folders from any device at any time?
Sign me up. -Jeana

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