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I remember an entire six years ago (whoa) when we discovered this set of Nerdy Baby alphabet flashcards. At the time, there was nothing like them. I mean, who thought of M as anything but Monkey or maybe, if the set was really inventive, Maraccas. But Mandelbrot Fractal Set? Hello?

Now there’s another set of Nerd Flashcards designed by Emma Cook
which is a little less science oriented, and more for computer mavens
and online design geeks. You know, the kind who sees the letter K and
thinks of Black. Naturally.

I suppose you could print and trim them to make your own flash cards or
wall art, or maybe we’ll luck out and Emma will start designing a poster
of them all.

Design nerd alphabet flash cards | Emma Cook

Design nerd alphabet flash cards | Emma Cook

I do find it interesting that X stands for XXX, as in a beer after work. In my world, I automatically think of Cut. Or at least if coupled with a Command Key. But hey, at least T for Toys is illustrated by a paint-your-own Kidrobot Munny doll. Which is exactly as it should be. –Liz

Find the Design Nerd Flashcards by Emma Cook online at Behance

[h/t design mom]

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