I get pitched a whole lot of “funny videos for moms” here, and while I know humor is wildly subjective, the one thing they all have in common: not so funny. In fact, some are downright painful. (Yes, poop is gross. Very original)

So as a public service, I thought I’d put together a few videos for parents that actually did make me–and a lot of other people laugh. And I don’t mean babies farting or kitties falling from trees. Here’s to the online humor writers who make good comedy on purpose.

Fair warning: There are a few ads to get through. Also, some are NSFW. Might want to watch without kids or anal HR people in the room.

Why Can’t I Make Mom Friends?
One of the first Xtranormal viral videos, this is a hilarious look at the competitive sanctimommies everyone has come across somewhere. You know, the one whose kid knows more languages than you and took his first steps in the womb. Even if you’ve seen it, it’s worth a look again.


dora the explorer movie trailer parody

Dora The Explorer Movie Trailer
On College Humor, Ariel Winter stars as Dora in what looks like a serious, explosive, big budget action-adventure film..and an educational bilingual learning experience for kids! It’s pure genius and I think my favorite of the bunch. The one down side: My kids want to see the movie. Someone make it please?

rainn wilson on facebook inspirational quotes

Your Facebook is False
As someone who believes that posting inspirational quotes on Facebook and Twitter should be limited to one per lifetime, I love how Rainn Wilson takes them on on one by one. It’s my secret fantasy.


SNL Sweet Surprise HFCS Ad Parody

Sweet Surprise “Corn Sugar” Ad Parody
We don’t know too many moms who are fans of the high fructose corn syrup lobbying ads that ran heavily on TV last year–especially now that the “corn sugar” name change request was shot down by the FDA. But boy, we still laugh at the parody of those ads from Saturday Night Live. Almost as funny as the originals.


shtty mom book trailer video

Sh*tty Mom book trailer videos
The authors of the brand new Sh*tty Mom book have a series of super short videos that actually had me forwarding them to friends. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the unwanted playdate mom video. (Favorite line: She’s drinking my wine!)


gilbert godfried 50 shades
cafe mom 50 shades of grey reading

The 50 Shades of Grey Readings
Gilbert Godfried reading 50 shades of Grey still wins for funniest all around 50 Shades video, hands down. But the folks at Cafe Mom are taking their own crack at it with Mom bloggers and dads reading 50 Shades of Grey. Now admittedly it’s probably only funny if you actually know the bloggers on the video. If not, stick with Gilbert. I’m still laughing after about the 15th viewing.


ONE.org funny or die

Predictions for the World in 2015 While not a video just for parents, as a member of the ONE Moms, I loved this video for ONE by Funny or Die featuring Zach Galifinakis, Tracy Morgan, Sarah Silverman Marisa Tomei and more. They speculate about what the world might be like in 2015 including the beginning of the end of AIDS.

Bless you, Sarah Silverman, for the assurance that “amazeballs” will not be part of our future vocabulary. –Liz

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