Based on how well she takes care of her Nintendo DS, my tween’s future electronics are going to need to grow some thick skins if they are going to survive living with her. So if you have a kid who has been handed a precious iPad for her very own–and she’s anything like my daughter–you’re going to want to make sure it gets some protection in a case that is durable, portable, and–oh yes–totally adorable. Cue: Hello Kitty.

The Hello Kitty iPad Mini Messenger Bag has both my tween and I squeeing from the cuteness. The fun red color and giant Hello Kitty face on the side is perfectly suited for those who don’t want a boring black utilitarian bag. And I appreciate that it looks more like a pocketbook than an iPad case which alerts the world: HEY! There’s a very expensive computer in here!

It’s got plenty of practical messenger bag features, like extra compartments for all the stuff teens carry with them. And the iPad stays secure on its own side with a velcro closure so if you forget to snap the top magnetic snap, the tablet won’t tumble to the ground. This bag has good padding which will help protect it as it goes from class to class–though it’s no Otterbox, so try to pick it up off the floor, for goodness sake.

I love how the case stays propped open using Hello Kitty’s head (cute!) for hands-free viewing. Or just open the messenger bag like a book and access the iPad that way. With Hello Kitty’s help, that iPad may make it to second semester without a scratch.

The Hello Kitty iPad Mini Messenger Bag is available at our affiliate