Hex Academy laptop backpackI’m not fancy. If I’m in a hurry, particularly if I’m flying somewhere and need to get to the airport pronto, I’ve been known to jam my laptop into my raggedy backpack and stick my iPad in a plastic grocery bag. (Don’t tell anyone!)

Having said that, I would very much like to be fancier, or at least slightly more organized and grown-up and non-raggedy, which is why I am drooling over this new tech travel bag.

The Hex Academy Source Backpack
can store an iPad in a separate padded pockets–perfect for TSA speediness. The water resistant denim keeps it protected when you’re getting jostled around the airport. Oh, and it looks so clean
and organized and grown-up.

I’m already picturing how impressed the security agents at
the airport would be if I pulled my stuff out of this bag. I wonder if I can even get one to smile. 


Find the Hex Academy Source Backpack and other cool traveling items at Flight 001.