MRCamera video app for the iPhone
I’ve long heralded my iPhone as my primary tool for taking photos and videos. With a library of almost 2,000 images and videos from my phone, you can imagine the impact it has on my storage space. Since my kids love to see videos of themselves, I’m so happy to find a new app that let’s me record in different resolutions for different events.

The new iOS app, MRCamera
is very simple. You choose between different resolutions–280, 480, 720
or 1080, the latter two being the default resolutions for the 4 and 4S. You then have the option to save space with a lower res for the the
card-game-explaining videos or bump up the resolution for the dance recital or the family reunion.
Everything occurs within the app and recording
and stopping a recording is one-touch, which is awesome. There’s also a button that lets
you turn on the iPhone’s flash, and a
constant meter that provides accurate estimates of how much more
storage and battery life you have on your phone for those important (and a teensy bit
less important) videos. -Jeana 

The MRCamera video app for the iPhone is available for $.99 on iTunes.

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