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I know it’s important to introduce science to your children in a really fun and hands-on way. (Let’s call it a parent’s antidote to the rote equation memorization called for by current state testing.) If you set the groundwork that science is fun and demonstrate how it affects everything around us, your kids will be much more willing to listen to their third grade teacher go on about energy (true story).

And while in-person experiments tend to be the best, there’s now an amazing new app that allows us to make science awesome too.

With KidScience,
you can choose an experiment based
on name. And you can’t go wrong here…”Alien Monster Eggs” anyone? You
can also choose by age group, science type, how much time you have, or
even based on what you have in your pantry.

Once you settle on
an experiment, you can read an overview and read the recipe. But what makes it worth it to upgrade to the $4.99 premium version is all is the video content.

KidScience Premium App
KidScience App

My own kids watched “Fizzy Balloons” over and
over and that’s just for starters. Why is it so good? The brains behind The Kitchen Pantry Scientist,
Liz Heinecke, is an absolute doll. She’s such a cool mom and you want
to hop in her kitchen and make a mess with her. Plus, it’s helpful for
visual learners to see what’s going to happen and pumps them up that
“hey, we are going to have fun!”
I love that
Liz has provided the free app because it really makes science
accessible to the masses. But if your kid is really excited about science, I recommend the upgrade without a doubt. In fact thanks to the clear lessons, I’ve already volunteered in my son’s classroom to lead some science experiments. Thanks Liz Heinecke for making me look good.  –Eva

KidScience and KidScience Premium are currently only available for your iPhone or iPad – though the larger screen on the iPad is fantastic. We’re rooting for an Android version soon!

And if you aren’t already a follower of The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, check out the site to get tons of cool info daily.

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