Echo Smartpen | LivescribeYou may recall our raves about the brilliance of Livescribe’s fancy Echo smartpen. Just when we thought the bar had been set on the techy coolness factor from this clever company, they come up with a nifty new trick to blow our minds.

Meet the sound sticker.

With the Echo pen and sound sticker combo you can record short
excepts of audio that then live on the sticker only to be heard when you tap it with the
trusty pen. Originally intended for recording and playing back audio
notes, we of course love the idea of giving this gadget an alter ego by
taking it out of the office and into the playroom. From my own brain alone,
the possibilities are nearly endless.

How about recording a distant grandparent narrating your child’s favorite bedtime story that
you can then play for them anytime. Get creative with a birthday party scavenger
hunt around the house to be decoded only with the magic pen. Turn it into interactive holiday cards for your military spouse overseas. As for me, I’d leave audio instructions for my husband on what to pack the kiddos for lunch
so I can sleep in, ha.

While indeed it’s cool, I
wouldn’t run out and get the pen specifically for play–because it’s
actually pretty hi-tech and pricey. But if you already own the pen or
are in the market for one, definitely don’t pass up the potential to up the fun of
this rad little accessory just by adding stickers. – Stephanie M

Find the sound sticker, Echo pen and more at Livescribe.