Luminum Silver iPhone 5 case | Fab
When I saw that my beloved was already selling iPhone 5 accessories last week, I thought “Wow, that was fast!” Considering I just unboxed my pretty iPhone 5, I’m ready for a case, stat.

As we mentioned last week, Fab issued a call for iPhone 5 design ideas, and in less than a week, they’ve got a slew of cool iPhone 5 cases and accessories up for pre-order. I’m leaning towards the Luminum Silver (above), which looks simple and sleek, but still protective of my new precious. 

Crossover iPhone 5 case | Fab

But I’m also pretty intrigued by the Crossover case, which lets a bit of the sleek new iPhone 5 back to peek through. And even though purchasing a case sight unseen isn’t usually what I do, I know first hand how awesome Quirky products are. And the great prices don’t hurt either. -Kristen

You can pre-order the new iPhone 5 accessories by Quirky on Need an invite? Use ours! It’s free to join. 

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